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@ytv #WouldYouRatherBe a Vampire, Seer or Spellmaster? Tweet us & catch #MBAV today at 7pm e/p! http://bit.ly/1u7YPfN

Wow, after some serious radio silence, YTV has tweeted something cool about MBAV… and with new promo pics! I hope this is a good sign!!! Canadians, please keep tuning in!


Social Media + MBAV
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Speaking of social media challenges, lol. Hope this hasn’t been done to death already… click on each image for ~commentary~ :P

spellbinding-visions: Saw the 'hover over' THE SERIES IS NOT OVER It's on hiatus like every mbav blog lol I like your header

Hahaha, thanks! I’ll fix that. It’s just hard to really get good updates on the show when you don’t live in Canada.

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The last episode of the series, wrapped up on YTV on May 27th, but the episodes continue to air in reruns on YTV at 8:00PM/ET (7:00PM/CT) & again at 11:00PM/ET (10:00PM/CT)! 

You can’t stop watching the show now that all the episodes have aired, you have to press on and continue to watch the show (which I don’t think fans of it have a problem with that; U.S. fans have been doing it non-stop since 2012) so YTV can see that MBAV has a strong audience (both nationally in Canada and internationally) and is worth them taking the time to pick the show back up/do a 2nd movie!

We still have to continue to do what we’ve been doing, telling everyone (wether they live in Canada or not) to tell someone else about the show on YTV and what they could possibly do, so it’ll spread to Canadians.

We all want #MBAVseason3 right?! Then we have to act like we want it! Hop on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and tell friends/followers, go to forum sites and tell fans (wish someone would post about it on sites IMDb & TV.com), heck, tell friends in person! Let’s all go to the ends of the Earth to get MBAV back guys!

And ALWAYS be sure to tell YTV (Twitter, Facebook) & Fresh TV (Twitter, Official MBAV Facebook Group, Tumblr) how much you love the show and want it back! 

Let’s do it to it! This post should be reblogged by at LEAST 75-100 people! Come on guys, if we want more My Babysitter’s a Vampire, we have to fight for it!


I know this is probably the worst quality when it comes to screencaps; but I liked their facial expressions.

Yo Canadians, listen up! TONIGHT & TOMORROW NIGHT, YTV will be airing the last two episodes of My Babysitter’s a Vampire produced thus far meaning it’s a game changer! Tune it at 8PM/ET TONIGHT & TOMORROW NIGHT and don’t miss a MINUTE of what happens to the gang.

We all hope the story continues to be told after Tuesday’s episode, hopefully you all tuned in up there and kept watching the show (some of you were kind of quiet). These next two nights are it guys! Do it to it! 

liveforthe1975: Hey I really like mbav and I found this blog and I'm wondering is there gonna be a season 3?

Hi! Unfortunately there won’t be. I think they’re still working on trying to get a 2nd movie done to finish the story. But I haven’t really heard much since last year when they said there won’t be a 3rd season :/

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Bonus gif

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Inspired by allthingsmbav and kidrauhl-mbav's posts, I finally decided to share this photo I've been holding onto since September… another Germany DVD cover from Amazon. German fans can even get a "fanbox" version with the entire series and a poster… pretty cool!


Mmm … a photo I had never seen the cast of MBAV.


TONIGHT at 6:00PM (ET) on YTV; the My Babysitter’s a Vampire movie! It also airs on Sunday at 8:00PM (ET) as well.

Canadians, I urge you to please tune in to this ‘premiere’ on YTV, and tell friends/family/anybody to do the same. If you want a 3rd season & 2nd movie, THIS is the way to do it!

Don’t forget to use hash-tags: #MBAV & #MBAVseason3

And I want to thank the fans in Canada who are indeed tuning in to get our show back!

I’m not Canadian, so I can’t tune in. But if you live in Canada, don’t forget to watch!!



We’ve been waiting so long for some good news and finally we get it! MBAV got a new Canadian broadcaster, YTV, and if the ratings are good, we might get more of the series! So Canadians, make sure to tune in!

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